The Uncommon Room Podcast Episode on Purity Culture

After listening to an episode of The Uncommon Room Podcast called Problems with Purity Culture, I reached out to the host Jessie to see if we could continue the discussion about purity culture. In the first episode, Jessie and her friend Kelsey did a great job outlining the different narratives that came from purity culture. I was surprised how much these aligned with my myths of purity culture. In my interview with Jessie for Purity Culture Part 2: Now What?, we go deeper by deconstructing how purity culture results in shame, how to break down legalistic beliefs, and how to reconstruct a healthier biblical sexual ethic.

Listen to my interview on Purity Culture Part 2: Now What?.

To learn more about how to identity and heal from shame, you can read my article Purity Culture and Shame.

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