Grace in Real Life Podcast Interview on Enneagram 6

What is it like to be an Enneagram 6, also known as The Loyalist? How do you show grace to yourself as a 6, or how can you show grace to the Enneagram 6s in your life?

Today I am on the Grace in Real Life podcast to share about being an Enneagram 6! This podcast interview was unlike any I have done because I get to share my personality as an Enneagram 6, The Loyalist. As a psychologist, I am used to doing interviews about my professional work as a therapist and writing on purity culture. It was a different experience talking about myself, but I LOVE the enneagram and it was fun sharing more about my type.

The host, Jill McCormick, and I talk about what I like about being a 6 and what frustrates me, what I wish people knew about 6s, and how to give grace to the 6s in your life. I also share a little bit about my marriage to an Enneagram 9, the Peacemaker, and how learning the enneagram has helped improve our marriage.

I hope this episode helps you understand the 6s in your life better and I hope my fellow 6s can relate and feel reassured in our shared struggles and joys.

Listen to my interview on Enneagram 6 on the Grace in Real Life podcast!

I need to trust myself and trust God and have faith in Him rather than feeling the need to look to the experts to tell me what to do. #graceinreallifepodcast @drcamden

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