Life Reframed Podcast Interview on Purity Culture

It was an honor to be interviewed for the Life Reframed podcast with hosts Rick Dunn and Lauren Morgan. As a pastor, Rick shares his perspective from working on a “Just Say No” event in the 1990s and later regretting it. Lauren shared some of my experience as a 30-something women growing up in purity culture, but had not considered how purity culture affected Christians who didn’t get married at a young age. We unpack my 5 myths of purity culture and a healthy, biblical way to reframe these myths.

In my interview, I offered three suggestions for parents wanting to offer a different lesson on purity to their children:

  • Check yourself. Check your own theology of sexuality and how you are living out purity in your life and marital sexuality. Make sure you’re not perpetuating purity culture myths when you talk to your children.
  • Start the conversation early and make it an ongoing conversation. Ground the conversation about sexual purity in lessons about healthy, shame-free sexuality.
  • Emphasize stewardship, obedience, faithfulness, and submission to God by honoring him through purity, rather than focusing on obtaining rewards and avoiding punishment as the reason for purity.

We are erasing God’s gift of forgiveness and redemption if we believe the Damaged Goods Myth. @doctorcamden

An ethic of safety and consent is necessary but not sufficient for Christians to honor God’s design for sexuality. @doctorcamden

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