Two Podcast Interviews on Purity Culture Recovery

Whether you’re a mom raising young kids or a mom of adult children who you had as a teenager, purity culture has affected you in some way.

Two podcasts invited me to speak about purity culture, how to teach our children purity in a better way, and how to heal from the effects of purity culture.

The All Gifts podcast seeks to “unwrap life’s most challenging topics to find the hidden gift within”. I loved meeting and connecting with the host, Pandora Villasenor, who describes herself as “a former teen mom who broke generational cycles of poverty and abuse [and] thrived through failure, disappointment, addiction, and codependency”. Pandora shares about how her adult sons related to purity culture and how her own marriage after she became a Christian in her 30s, was also affected by purity culture.

On No One Told Me podcast, hosted by Callie Holland, we discussed the realities of intimacy and why no one tells you the truth about wedding night sex. I spoke about teaching kids about sex in a million small conversations rather than “the talk”. I also share practical examples from my parenting about teaching my daughter about her body and consent.

Listen to both podcast interviews at the links below!

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