About Therapy

Life is all about relationships. You might be dealing with unhealthy relationship patterns or problems in your relationships with your partner, your family, your friends, or yourself.  Maybe you feel like your emotions are out of control, and it’s starting to affect your relationships. You might be walking through life transitions and having difficulty adjusting. These problems can lead to emotional stress, depression, and anxiety.

As a therapist, I believe the relationship I make with my clients can be one of the most healing parts of their journey. Together, we will work on building the insight and skills needed to meet your goals and improve your relationships and your mood.


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My Approach to Therapy

I specialize in dialectical behavior therapy, a form of cognitive-behavioral therapy that blends mindfulness meditation, interpersonal skills, and emotion regulation skills to help you improve your mood, reduce stress, and get along better with others. I want you to feel safe, accepted, and validated when we talk. While I personally come from a Christian worldview, I welcome clients of all faiths, and have special training in integrating religion and spirituality in therapy.

Taking the first step can be daunting, but I encourage you to reach out for help and support. Better relationships and a more stable mood are possible. You don’t have to be stuck, questioning if things can ever get better or how to change. Together we will work toward wholeness and restoration.

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Check out my Therapist Bio page on my practice’s website and my Psychology Today profile.

Looking for a therapist in Knoxville, TN? Please contact me to get started on your journey.

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