Recovering from Purity Culture will release Fall 2024, published by Baker Books.

We know what is wrong with purity culture—now we need to know how to heal. As a licensed psychologist specializing in sexuality who grew up in the height of purity culture, I will offer a path forward to help Christians repair the movement’s harmful effects, overcome shame, and reconstruct healthier faith and sexuality.

In my book, I plan to describe the five most pervasive myths of purity culture and how these damaging messages make false promises and induce shame. I will provide a guidebook for healing your faith, sexuality, and relationships, drawn from techniques I use as a psychologist and Purity Culture Recovery Coach.

Readers will finally find healing through integration–so they not only know in their mind the truth about purity culture, but they also feel it in their body, heart, and soul.

I am represented by Keely Boeving at WordServe Literary Agency.

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which purity culture myth affects you
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