For the past couple of years, I have been working on a book about purity culture. Purity culture is the Evangelical beliefs about sexual abstinence until marriage, and methods of teaching those beliefs.

In my book, I plan to describe the five most pervasive myths of purity culture and how the damaging messages of purity culture make false promises and induce shame.

Several books criticizing purity culture have recently been released. I have read many of these. I believe my book will be different because unlike many of these other authors, I still strongly believe in a biblical sexual ethic that encourages pre-marital chastity. I see purity or chastity as a spiritual discipline or practice that all Christians are commanded to keep. The virtue of chastity does not end in marriage, then, and can be expressed in different ways through marital sexuality. I will encourage Christians to develop a sexual ethic faithful to the Bible’s teaching about sexuality, even while critical of the harmful messages of purity culture.

I am represented by WordServe Literary Agency and plan to pitch my book proposal to publishers in 2022.

which purity culture myth affects you
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