Purity Culture Quiz

Which purity culture myth affects you?

Begin your journey of healing from the 5 Purity Culture Myths! Take the next step toward rebuilding healthier faith and sexuality.

I’ve created a free quiz to help you see which purity culture myth affects you most. The quiz takes just a few minutes to identify the myths and messages you still believe, and begin deconstructing them.

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What are people saying about the quiz?

“I saw your interview on on [a podcast] and what you were saying really resonated with me. I decided to come and take your quiz. I took it twice, first with the mindset that I had when I was in high school and the second time where I am currently. 

I’ve found language for what I have been feeling which is so validating. What I have learned so far is that I have work ahead of me to unpack and unlearn things that are not actually in line with what God says.”

-K, a podcast listener

“Your quiz is a super useful tool for personal and spiritual growth.”

–J.B., an email subscriber

“I just took your quiz and WOW, I’ve never felt so seen and understood from a quiz alone!”

-M., a blog reader

“Thank you for writing about purity culture. I was raised in it and still struggle with what I was taught. [On your quiz], I scored high on all five myths. I have a 12 year old daughter and I refuse to raise her to believe that her faith is based on her virginity.”

-An email subscriber

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