Coaching for healing from purity culture and reconstructing your faith.

Online, one-on-one coaching for women and couples recovering from purity culture, exploring egalitarianism, or establishing new beliefs!

Heal from the effects of purity culture, embrace shame-free sexuality, or navigate egalitarian relationships and beliefs. Learn more at Coaching FAQs.

I’m ready to find a path forward.

Coaching Services

Purity Culture

Coaching to help you identify the ways purity culture myths affect you and heal from shame. We will explore the teachings you received about sexuality and replace those with healthier, biblical truths. I will help you sort through your beliefs and reconstruct your sexual ethic.
For women or couples.


Coaching to navigate your beliefs about gender roles and establish egalitarian gender roles in your dating, marriage, parenting, work, or relationships. I will be your mentor and guide to empower you to live out gender equality in your everyday life.
For women or couples.

Faith Reconstruction

Coaching for women who are questioning their beliefs or deconstructing their faith. We will work on reconstructing your faith. I will be your partner on your journey as you work through spiritual doubts, questions, and struggles, and develop a path forward.
For women.

You might be my coaching client if…

  • You grew up in Evangelical Christianity and bought into purity culture
  • You have shame from purity culture
  • You feel confused about your faith
  • You are ready to leave behind patriarchal gender roles
  • You want to enjoy sex in your marriage
  • You want to get rid of the baggage from toxic Christian cultures
  • You want to have freedom from negative beliefs and rebuild your faith

Since launching my coaching practice in Fall 2021, I have helped my coaching clients…

  • Get over sexual shame in their marriage
  • Explore their faith journey and heal religious trauma
  • Navigate singleness and dating post-purity culture
  • Enhance their sexual pleasure and confidence
  • Break free from gender stereotypes

What are Coaching clients saying about working with Dr. Camden?

Meet Dr. Camden

Why choose Coaching with Dr. Camden?

  • Many coaches have no professional qualifications or experience
  • Many mental health professionals have no training in purity culture or faith de/reconstruction
  • Dr. Camden combines the knowledge and skills of a licensed psychologist with the personal and professional experience of purity culture and faith issues
  • Coaching with Dr. Camden offers skills like mindfulness and emotion regulation with the accessibility and flexibility of online coaching

Coaching is not mental health therapy and Dr. Camden is not held to licensing, state, or national legal and ethical mandates when acting as a Coach. Learn more about the differences between therapy and coaching at Coaching FAQs.

Coaching Options


  • One coaching call with Dr. Camden
  • Discover how toxic Christian cultures have affected you
  • Special introductory rate for first call!
  • $150 for one 60-minute call


  • One follow-up call with Dr. Camden
  • Scheduled after initial “Discover” coaching call
  • Gain clarity on your problem areas and strategies to help
  • Schedule as many follow-up calls as needed
  • $175 for each 60-minute call


  • Four coaching calls with Dr. Camden
  • Heal from toxic beliefs with two months of coaching and a personalized Action Plan
  • Receive emails in between coaching sessions summarizing the content of each call with action steps and resources
  • Get support through email check-ins or Voxer interaction with Dr. Camden in between calls
  • BONUS: Any future coaching calls after the Heal package may be purchased at a discounted rate ($150)
  • By invitation only after the Discover call


If you’ve been harmed by purity culture, and you have no idea how to sort through what is toxic and what is real, Camden Morgante has gone before you, doing the research and the legwork to help walk alongside you towards health, healing, and wholeness. I’ve worked with Camden around dismantling purity culture, and I highly recommend her as you search for truth. 

Sheila Wray Gregoire, blogger at and author of The Great Sex Rescue

Dr. Camden is an ethical Christian practitioner who is not only compassionate and wise but also courageous in helping to walk her clients through the complexities of healing from shame-based sexual or purity culture-related issues.

Christa Hardin, Enneagram + Marriage

Dr. Camden is a bright light shining among critics of purity culture, as her contribution to the conversation is constructive and comes from a place of hope and healing. She draws from her expertise in the area of psychology to help those of us who are recovering from purity culture find healing and peace in their good and God-given sexuality.

Morgan Strehlow, Sanctuary Woman

I love Dr. Camden’s approach of being gentle but still firm in beliefs.  There is so much so many of us are undoing when it comes to patriarchy, church abuse, and religious trauma.  Dr. Camden is a wonderful resource in navigating those complex issues in a very safe and nuanced way.

Tim Whitaker, The New Evangelicals

Dr. Camden is a thoughtful and nuanced guide. She approaches her coaching with gentleness, empathy, and expertise. In these days where so many are quick to advocate throwing out the whole system, Dr. Camden will help you connect back to the core of your faith while getting rid of the harmful cultural messages.

Amanda Waldron, Hey Amanda!

Have more questions? Visit Coaching FAQs or ask Dr. Camden below

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