Spirituality is an important part of our identity. Therapists are taught to look at clients holistically, but many are not trained in addressing religion and spirituality in therapy.

I was trained in religious and spiritual integration, which means I have extra education in the importance of religion and how to competently and ethically incorporate clients’ religion into therapy.

You might be interested in finding a therapist that shares your religious background. You may be worried that a non-Christian therapist won’t respect your worldview or understand your beliefs. On the other hand, some clients are concerned that a Christian therapist will just tell them to “pray” or shove Scripture at them.

I personally come from a Christian background, but I welcome clients of all faiths and will respect your religious worldview. You likely didn’t come to your beliefs without a lot of thought and care, so I will respect that process.

I invite clients to explore your faith journey in therapy, if that is helpful for you. I do not force religion on any client, and I take seriously your needs and requests for how you want to incorporate your beliefs into therapy.

My clients often pick me because they want a therapist who understands their Christian background, but don’t want “Christian counseling”. Other clients may need a safe, nonjudgmental space to explore their spiritual doubts, religious trauma, or “deconstruction”. Many people find that their mental health impacts their faith, such as anxiety that makes it difficult to go to church or shame that causes them to pull away from God.

If you’re looking for a therapist who won’t judge your beliefs or behavior and is highly trained and experienced in religious and spiritual issues, then let’s talk about how we can work together.

Religious and Spiritual Issues in therapy:

  • Sexual shame related to religious beliefs, including Purity Culture Recovery
  • Religious trauma and faith deconstruction/reconstruction
  • Including your religious beliefs in therapy, at your request
  • Exploring your faith background
  • Understanding how your spiritual beliefs affect your mental health and relationships

Call me to see how I can help you with spirituality in therapy.

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