Free Webinar Replay: Three Toxic Christian Cultures and Finding the Path Forward

Let’s find the path forward after toxic Christian cultures.

  • Are you ready to heal from purity culture but unsure of your next steps?
  • Do you want to pursue egalitarianism in your relationships but need practical guidance?
  • Are you struggling with reconstructing your faith and feel lost and alone?

Join Dr. Camden to answer these questions and more.

In this webinar, we will:

  • Describe three toxic Christian cultures of purity culture, patriarchal culture, and legalistic culture
  • Identify the problems in sexuality, relationships, and faith caused by these cultures
  • Learn how coaching for Purity Culture Recovery, Egalitarianism, and Faith Reconstruction can provide a healthy, healing path forward

This is a recording of a live webinar originally held in October 2021. It will be immediately sent to you via email when you sign up below.

How have you been affected by toxic Christian cultures?

Available for women or couples, Purity Culture Recovery Coaching will help you identify the ways purity culture myths affect you and heal from shame. We will explore the teachings you received about sexuality and replace those with healthier, biblical truths. I will help you sort through your beliefs and reconstruct your sexual ethic.

My mission is to help you heal from the myths and shame of purity culture and reconstruct healthier faith, sexuality, and relationships. I hold a traditional sexual ethic affirming a belief in premarital sexual abstinence and sexual faithfulness in marriage for all Christians.

Egalitarianism is the belief that men and women are equal in value and in role–in marriage, in homes, in the church, and in the workplace. Egalitarian Coaching can help you navigate your beliefs about gender roles and establish egalitarian gender roles in your dating, marriage, parenting, work, or relationships.


Faith Reconstruction Coaching will help you as you deconstruct and reconstruct your faith. I will be your partner on your journey as you work through spiritual doubts, questions, and struggles, and develop a path forward. 

My mission is to help my coaching clients find a middle path between walking away from their faith and staying in a toxic belief system. We can hold onto our love and faith in Jesus but dismantle the toxic cultural beliefs we were raised with.

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About Dr. Camden

Dr. Camden Morgante is a licensed clinical psychologist and adjunct college professor.  She writes and speaks about Christianity, psychology, and gender equality and is a regular contributor to Christians for Biblical Equality’s blog Mutuality. She has also been published in Fathom magazine. She is currently writing a book on the myths of purity culture. Camden lives in Knoxville, TN with her husband and their daughter and son.

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