Egalitarian From the Start

My latest article, “Egalitarian from the Start” was published on CBE’s blog today. This one includes practical ideas for egalitarian engagements, weddings, and newlyweds. This was the article I was looking for a few years ago when planning our wedding! Check it out here. (By the way, the picture I’ve used here on my blog is one of our own engagement photos!)

I’m working on a Part 2 for this article that will include ideas to be “Egalitarian from the Start” of pregnancy and early parenting! What are some tips you wish you had? What advice would you give to new egalitarian parents?


4 thoughts on “Egalitarian From the Start

  1. Yay!!! Congrats!! Just yesterday, I submitted 2 articles to them on being a female in a Bible program and now seminary!

    1. That’s awesome. Is this for the issue of Mutuality on sexism in education? I’m planning to submit an article too. I look forward to reading yours!

      1. Yes it is! And Great!! You are in psychology, Bible/Theology or both?

      2. Psychology

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