Love in the Time of Coronavirus: Tips for Marriages and Families

I have been a regular contributor to Christians for Biblical Equality (CBE) for about a year now. It’s a Christian organization that promotes shared leadership and equal partnership between men and women. Since gender equality is one of my strongest values, I am always thrilled to write for their blog about the topics I specialize in, marriage and relationships, women’s issues, and purity culture.

My latest article is very timely: a guide for marriages and families surviving this pandemic and quarantine. I include coronavirus-related tips for marriages and families.

There is no doubt that the current COVID-19 pandemic and resulting quarantine presents extraordinary challenges to every household…While all of us are in unique situations and facing different problems, we all have experienced changes to our lives that affect our marriages and families…Here are some practical tips to help you maintain an equal and shared balance in your marriages and families during coronavirus…..

Read my full article here!

This article first appeared in CBE’s blog, Mutuality, on 5/28/2020 (

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