Holding Space for Both Grief and Gratitude

After you’re done waiting, the pain is gone right? 

Not in my experience. I’ve had to learn how to hold space for both grief and gratitude.

Today my article “The Heart Has Room for Both Gratitude and Grief” was published by Her View From Home. I would love for you to go read the full article in which I share about my years of singleness and how I grieved my unmet longings for a husband and the life I thought I would have.

Here’s an excerpt from my article:

“The truth is we all live with unmet desires. In various ways, we all grieve the life we expected or the time-table we planned for ourselves.

Even when our waiting is in the past, the memories of our grief can continue into the present. I am learning that grief and gratitude can co-exist.

We can hold space for both sadness and joy.

We can validate our feelings of disappointment and longing, while still being grateful for God’s blessings in our lives.

But God’s grace carries us through these seasons of waiting. He is present as we grieve the unmet longings of our heart.”

–Camden Morgante

God can handle our grief and sorrow. He can handle our anger, confusion, and pain. God accepts and validates our feelings, but He doesn’t leave us in our grief.
He also gives us His grace.

This is my first paid writing article and I’m super proud (and nervous) of my vulnerability in my writing. Would you honor me by reading and sharing my words if they resonate with you?

The Heart Has Room for Both Gratitude and Grief”, originally published on June 29, 2020 at Her View From Home.

1 thought on “Holding Space for Both Grief and Gratitude

  1. Thank you for this article, Dr. Morgante! I am single at 26 and in the midst of mourning an emotionally abusive, long-term relationship that I thought would end in marriage. I am also in my first semester of grad school, studying to become an LMFT and LPCC. As much as I am loving school and am excited for my future career as a counselor, I have always desired marriage and motherhood above all else. I feel as though I’m living out my Plan B. I am learning how to balance grief for my unmet needs and the loss of innocence that follows an abusive relationship and my gratitude towards God for saving me from what would have been an abusive marriage and for using my experiences to make me a more passionate, empathic counselor. I am so thankful that He can handle both my anger and my grief.

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