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Sex Seminar 2022: 23 ONLINE Sex Classes for Couples

From the comfort of your own home, watch marriage experts & sex therapists teach sex lessons covering everything you ever wanted to know about married sex!

From Sex Ed 101, to How to Ramp Up Your Sex Drive, to Uncovering the Most Common Sex Myths, and SO MUCH MORE, this line up is the MOST comprehensive it’s ever been (and at a killer price!) Click HERE to see all 23 incredible topics covered at this online sex seminar!

Make your sex life one of the very BEST parts of your marriage!

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Does your sex life need more:

  • Passion
  • Connection
  • Communication
  • Frequency
  • Foreplay
  • Desire
  • Intimacy
  • Fulfillment
  • Pleasure
  • Novelty
  • Confidence
  • Romance
  • Spice
  • Excitement
  • FUN?

Then you need to sign up for The Dating Divas’ private, at-home seminar!


Everyone has questions about sex. But where do you go for real answers?

This is where you can get REAL answers to all of your awkward questions- without all of the awkwardness!

Get reliable, reputable answers from professionals!

The Dating Divas have rounded up 23 sex-perts (including ME) to reveal the sex secrets that every married couple should know!

This virtual SEX SEMINAR includes 23 different presentations (that you can watch on your own time) to answer every sex-related question & address every problem that you have about sex!

23 sex classes. No weird internet searches here– just answers from professionals you can trust!

Get ready for every piece of advice you never knew you needed about how to amp up your game in the bedroom.

Learn from the SEX-perts!

Leading experts in the field of marriage and sex are bringing you 23 separate presentations with their best advice, practical tips, and steamy strategies that are available to TRANSFORM your sex life.

For a lot of couples, sex is a point of stress, tension, & frustration. It can be hard to navigate mismatched sex drives, unmet expectations, unspoken desires, bedroom boredom, or even more serious intimacy issues.

But we believe that physical intimacy in marriage should be: FUN, pleasurable, exciting, passionate, connecting, & fulfilling.

With education, effort, & intention- it can be one of the BEST parts of your marriage!

23 experts, including professional marriage counselors & sex therapists, will be presenting classes on 23 different sex-related topics.

Topics covered include:

  • Finding More Joy & Fulfillment in Sex
  • Sexual Mindfulness
  • Initiating Ideas & Styles
  • The Barriers Woman Have to Sex
  • Men’s Sexual Health
  • Foreplay 24/7/365
  • Top 10 Books to Improve Your Sex Life
  • Roommate Syndrome


Everything you need to know about sex!


And the best part? You don’t even have to leave your house & you can watch at your own pace on your own time! Plus, you can revisit it whenever you need for 1 full year!

Invite your spouse to this couples sex class & watch your connection and intimacy grow.


23 top-notch resources and ideas that will totally transform your sex life in the very best way!

This Seminar is usually offered at $35 (which is a total STEAL for all of this expert information), but if you grab your access pass RIGHT NOW, you can view all of these videos and resources for ONLY $20! We wanted to make this as affordable as possible for every couple!

Normally $35

($15 OFF discount automatically applied at checkout)

Or if you want TRIPLE the sexy goodness, grab the 2020 + 2021 + 2022 Sex Seminar videos too for JUST $46 total! (That’s a total of 46 sex lessons!)

Normally $80

($23 OFF discount automatically applied at checkout)

Lesson TOPICS Covered in the 2022 Sex Seminar:

  • #1- Initiating Ideas & Styles by AMANDA LOUDERHow to Get a Yes to Sex More Often
    • Does one of you tend to initiate sex more than the other? Do you question whether your partner finds you desirable because they never initiate? This class will help you understand why you or your partner don’t initiate and how you can both initiate more, and in the way you and your partner want, to increase sexual satisfaction for both of you.
  • #2- End Your Argument Hangovers So You Can Return to Intimacy Faster by JOCELYN + AARON FREEMAN 5 Steps to Truly Repair and Reconnect In Just Minutes Instead of Hours, Days, or Weeks
    • Do seemingly simple conversation with your partner tend to escalate into a full blown disagreement? Do you find yourself talking about something that happened a week or month ago? Do you “move on” from arguments even though they aren’t truly repaired? In this training from The Freemans, you’ll gain the 5 steps to truly repair after an argument, so you can return to intimacy and love faster.
  • #3- Uncompromising Intimacy by ALEXANDRA STOCKWELL, MDStop Compromising and Learn to Create Emotional, Sensual, and Erotic Intimacy
    • Is your relationship conflict-free and passion-free? Do you have a nice, pleasant, bland companionship? Do you fight without feeling connected? Change that once and for all by learning how to communicate with vulnerability and honesty so that your relationship becomes vibrant, emotionally connected, and full of passion.
  • #4- Finding More Joy and Fulfillment in Sex by ARIEL FINLINSON Reframing the Male Sexuality Myths Holding You Back
    • What would happen if sexuality wasn’t so male-focused? What if women were free to say no and empowered to say YES? It’s time to move your relationship from where it is now to a whole new level of PLEASURE and CONNECTION as we reframe 4 prevalent myths about male sexuality.
  • #5- The 8 Barriers Women Have to Sex by BELAH ROSE(And How Their Men Can Help)
    • When you’re wondering why your spouse isn’t interested in sex… here are the main reasons why. When you understand why she’s cold, guarded, rejecting, you can get a picture of what your next steps are. These are the insights you need to transform your intimacy — even if she doesn’t know you’re doing the work.
  • #6- Men’s Sexual Health by DAN PURCELLLast Longer, Have Deeper Pleasure, and Be A Better Lover
    • Finally, a presentation just for the men! Learn how to last longer, take care of your sexual health, and experience more pleasure in sex than before. Learn how mindfulness practice can help you gain more control over your arousal and even enjoy multiple orgasms. This seminar covers ideas on how to overcome premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction as well.
  • #7- How To Ramp Up Your Sex Drive by DENISE + OLIVER MARCELLETips For The Low-Drive Spouse
    • Are you looking to ramp up your sex drive? Are you a low sex drive spouse, looking for tips to rekindle the sex flame? Are you a high sex drive spouse, looking for ways to support your mate and make them feel loved and wanted? Well, this is the class for you! We will share, from our experience, how we’ve managed the desire gap in our own marriage. We’ll leave you with 5 tips that you can use to begin navigating this area of your marriage successfully.
  • #8- Sex Ed 101 by DR. CAMDEN MORGANTEUncovering The Most Common Sex Myths
    • Here is the Sex Education you never received! Have you ever believed that sexual pain is normal and unavoidable? Or that there’s something wrong if you and your spouse don’t experience simultaneous orgasm? Most couples don’t realize these are sex myths that are holding you back from greater intimacy and passion. Licensed psychologist and coach Dr. Camden will dispel seven of the most common sex myths about orgasm, frequency, sex drive and more. Then she’ll teach you the truth about healthy sexual functioning so you can experience freedom and pleasure with your spouse!
  • #9- Fact or Fiction by CAMERON STALEY, PH.D.Is Pornography Really an Addiction?
    • Guess how many research studies exist investigating the effectiveness of addiction programs for pornography viewing? The answer: ZERO. What if treating pornography as an addiction is actually part of the problem? There have been tremendous scientific advances in recent years that have revealed common reasons why some struggle with pornography. These discoveries have led us to the very first research supported treatment: Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT). On average, individuals who battled pornography for years were able to successfully reduce their viewing over 90% in 10 weeks with ACT. This is incredible news! With the right approach, overcoming unwanted pornography viewing doesn’t need to take months or years of your life!
  • #10- Sexual Mindfulness by DR. CHELOM LEAVITTHow Slowing Down Will Increase Your Relationship Intimacy and Intensity
    • Has sex lost its passion? Learn five proven steps to enhance your sexual experience! Cultivating skills to be more aware and curious during sex will increase sexual functioning and intensity. Sexual mindfulness is a simple, proven approach for longterm improvement in sexual communication, satisfaction, and functioning.
  • #11- Foreplay 24/7/365 by DR. KIM KIMBERLINGHow the Other 23 Hours in the Day Can Make Your Sex Great.
    • Foreplay isn’t just what happens right before sex. It’s time to reframe how you view foreplay to overcome common barriers to having sex. Learn 4 ways to build 24/7/365 foreplay in your marriage. Don’t miss the chance to go to a deeper level of connection & intimacy.
  • #12- How To Attract Your Wife To You… by DR. MIKE FRAZIEREven After Infidelity, And Even If You’re The Only One Who Wants To Work On It
    • Whether you want to have sex with your wife more, or want to end a separation or divorce, there’s one common problem: A loss of attraction. Most guys follow a predictable pattern to try to attract their wife, which always makes things WORSE. Learn the main mistakes men make and what to do instead. Including the top 3 MOST attractive traits to women you’ll want to develop TODAY!
  • #13- How Regular Is Your Romp? by J PARKER- How Often Should You Make Love & Where to Find the Time
    • Are you making love often enough? What’s “normal” and healthy? And how on earth can you find the time?! This session answers all of those questions! Find out how often you should be having sex and how you can squeeze out the time to prioritize physical intimacy for your marriage.
  • #14- Secrets to Easily Being Romantic by JOSIE MCEWENEven If You Are Not The Romantic Type
    • Are you craving more romance and connection in your relationship, but are feeling too busy? Or do you think that you or your sweetheart are not the romantic type, so don’t know to satisfy this craving? Learn how you can easily be romantic, even if you are not the romantic type in this fun & quick online class. You’ll get helpful tips & tools to help you become a romantic person. Plus, Josie the Romance Coach will reveal some of her best easy & fun romantic ideas for you to try as well. Find out how easy it is to have more love, connection and romance in your relationship again.

  • #15- Your Marriage Can Be Great When You Learn How to Communicate by LAURA GETHERSLet’s talk about SEX!
    • Are there things you like, loathe, and want to learn when it comes to having sex with your spouse? This presentation is going to equip you with tips to help unlock the door to the sex life you desire. Get ready to discuss, preferences, positions, and the pleasure that should come along with having a healthy sex life.

  • #16- Flirty and Wordy by LORI CLUFF SCHADE Ph.D., LMFT + SANDY JENSEN Ph.D., LMFTTop 10 Books to Improve Your Sex Life
    • Get ready to turn the page on your sex life. Sit down with Lori and Sandra as they offer up 10 books that have changed the way they talk about sex as licensed MFTs. Whether you and your partner need tips to get more comfortable before the bedroom, or you’re having trouble finding the right spots in the bedroom, Lori and Sandra explore the best books to guide you. They discuss the right book for the right couples, and, no, it’s not in the fantasy section at your library.

  • #17- 7 Ways To Have The Best Sex Ever by JULIE TEFFETELLERThe Sex Ed Class They Don’t Reveal In School
    • My high school sex ed class can be summarized in two words: condom…banana. That’s it. And because my parents were completely lock lipped on the subject, I spent years having lackluster sex before realizing that great sex comes from great sex SKILLS. So in this training, you’re going to learn the 7 things you need to master to guarantee great foreplay, great buildup, and great release (plus the #1 sex toy I can’t live without!) You coming?? 😉

  • #18- Roommate Syndrome by NATE BAGLEY How To Get Your Sex Life Un-Stuck
    • Roommate Syndrome is a feature of marriage, not a bug! When you realize where Roommate Syndrome comes from, and why it shows up in EVERY MARRIAGE, you learn the gift that presents you. Roommate Syndrome is actually the gateway to the most epic marriage imaginable? Don’t believe me? Watch this session!

  • #19- Sex is the Linchpin & Lubricant for a Deeply Bonded & Intimate Marriage by RACHEL DENNING Why Your Sex Life is So Critical
    • As an (almost) mother of seven children, I hated having sex. It felt like just ‘one more thing’ to do. I was touched out and overwhelmed. WHY did my husband want sex so much? I would have been content if we never had sex again in our lives! We already had a great friendship and relationship. Why wasn’t that enough for him?? Little did I realize how critically important sex was to holding our marriage together and how close we were to losing what we did have. Discover what I learned and how we were able to take the ‘road-less traveled’ in our sex lives to create a deeper, stronger, sexier, and more magical marriage than we ever believed was possible — and YOU can learn too!

  • #20- Porn Use From the Betrayed Perspective by STEPHANIE BROERSMA How it Intimately Affects Your Marriage, Identity and Narrative on Sexual Intimacy
    • Has the use of pornography tarnished your marriage intimacy? Have you struggled to regain the passion with your spouse after infidelity? Educate yourself on the power of a pornography addiction and how it directly impacts your marriage intimacy. Gain practical steps to protect your home as you guard against the temptation which skin and sex distracts both your spouse and children daily. Restoring sexual intimacy is possible after betrayal—be encouraged through testimony, that you too can rebuild these areas of your marriage.

  • #21- Getting in the mood by TAMMY GREENE 10 Tips for Flipping the Switch From Stress to Yes!
    • We are all busy. Between work, kids, family obligations, and well . . . life, it can get really challenging to feel sexy at the end of a long day. But, don’t worry. There are plenty of things we can do to help us get in the mood. Here are 10 tips and strategies you can use to help you flip the switch from feeling stressed to saying YES!

  • #22- Getting IT On while Expecting by TAMMY HILL LMFT The Ins & Outs of Sex During Pregnancy
    • Learn how to keep your relationship orgasmic during pregnancy! Helpful positions for pleasure and comfort, sexually embracing your new beautiful body and postpartum transitions will all be discussed in this exciting, informative course.

  • #23-5 Steamy Dates For The Bedroom by TARA CARSON Creative & Fun Ways to Spice Up Your Sex Life
    • Miss the passion from your newlywed days? Has your sex life become a little boring or routine? Learn how to ban bedroom boredom and put the fun, excitement, and PASSION back into your love life with creative & SEXY date ideas! This class will share 5 FUN ways to spice up your love life! From a sexy scavenger hunt to steamy bedroom games- you’ll get all the tools, tips, and tricks you need to easily initiate & enjoy more intimate at-home date nights!


This Seminar includes EVERYTHING you’ve ever wanted to know about married sex & getting that newlywed passion back!

Your sex life will never be the same!

Click below in order to join this virtual seminar and put the sexual spark back in your relationship!

Normally $35

($15 OFF discount automatically applied at checkout)

Or if you want TRIPLE the sexy goodness, grab the 2020 + 2021 + 2022 Sex Seminar videos too for JUST $46 total! (That’s a total of 46 sex lessons!)

Normally $80

($23 OFF discount automatically applied at checkout)


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