Egalitarian Coaching


Available for women or couples, Egalitarian Coaching will help you navigate your beliefs about gender roles and establish egalitarian gender roles in your dating, marriage, parenting, work, or relationships. I will be your mentor and guide to empower you to live out gender equality in your everyday life.

My mission is to help you live as an empowered egalitarian in your relationships, work, and church. I proudly identify as both a Christian and a feminist and approach coaching from that perspective.

How can egalitarian coaching help?

Some problems or issues that Egalitarian Coaching can help you with:

  • Learning about egalitarianism and biblical support for it
  • Deconstructing patriarchal beliefs and teachings
  • Establishing equal gender roles in your dating relationship or marriage
  • Raising kids to be egalitarian
  • Navigating dating, work, or church as an egalitarian
  • Resources for furthering your journey into egalitarianism

Which coaching is right for you?

Naturally people can have more than one main problem. Egalitarian Coaching often involves dismantling patriarchal teachings and Faith Reconstruction. We can discuss how all of these issues are related for you. To make the most of your coaching sessions, I suggest you select Egalitarian Coaching if your main goal is to establish an egalitarian belief system and lifestyle.

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