Faith Reconstruction Coaching


Faith Reconstruction Coaching will help you as you deconstruct and reconstruct your faith. I will be your partner on your journey as you work through spiritual doubts, questions, and struggles, and develop a path forward. Available for women only.

My mission is to help my coaching clients find a middle path between walking away from their faith and staying in a toxic belief system. We can hold onto our love and faith in Jesus but dismantle the toxic cultural beliefs we were raised with.

How can faith reconstruction coaching help?

Some problems or issues that Faith Reconstruction Coaching can help you with:

  • Identifying toxic beliefs or cultures from your upbringing
  • Finding resources and community to support your reconstruction journey
  • Understanding your faith journey and validating your experiences
  • Navigating church and family issues while de-/reconstructing
  • Finding peace and congruence with your beliefs and values

Which coaching is right for you?

Naturally people can have more than one main problem. Faith deconstruction often involves beliefs about sexuality (as in Purity Culture Recovery) or gender roles (as in Egalitarian Coaching). We can discuss how all of these issues are related for you. To make the most of your coaching sessions, I suggest you select Faith Reconstruction Coaching if your main goal is reestablishing a healthy faith separate from the unhealthy belief system you were raised in.

Due to the individualistic nature of faith and the short-term nature of coaching, Faith Reconstruction is not available for couples and is for individual women only.

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