Which Purity Culture Myth Affects You?

Welcome to my quiz, Which purity culture myth affects you?

Purity culture offered myths and false promises that perpetuated shame in order to convince Christians to abstain from premarital sex.

Maybe you don’t currently agree with purity culture, but you grew up with those teachings. Unknowingly, the beliefs and messages of purity culture have permeated your thinking. It has shaped the way you think about sex and faith, and affects the way you view yourself and others.

How to take this quiz: You may want to take this quiz from your present vantage point to see what beliefs continue to affect you. Or you might pick an age or stage in your development (perhaps adolescence or college/young adulthood) and answer the questions as you would at that stage. Or do both--take it once for your current beliefs, and once for how you would have answered in a previous stage of life. After you get your results, I’ll help you understand that myth more, how it affects your thinking, and how you can work to change it.

Thank you for taking Which purity culture myth affects you?

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To learn more about how to deconstruct the myths of purity culture and reconstruct a healthy sexual ethic, visit http://www.DrCamden.com

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4 thoughts on “Which Purity Culture Myth Affects You?

  1. Your appearance on KevOnStage & MrsKevOnstage pod cast really blessed me! It was refreshing to learn I’m not alone in this quest to rid my mind of myths promised by purity.

  2. Quizzes lack the nuance that makes it possible to demonstrate a healthy view of faith & sexuality. This exercise was pointless.

    1. Hi Jess, you’re right that all quizzes do lack nuance! My quiz is meant to provoke thought and get you thinking about the myths and how you might still believe in them. So if it provoked thought, then it wasn’t pointless!

  3. I just finished the quiz and checked agree with every question. Each question I read brought a memory of my experience in church youth group lessons.
    Wow! Now I need to figure out how I want to teach my children.

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