Why We Need a More Nuanced Conversation About Post-Partum Sex

“Give him a hand job.”

That is the advice given to post-partum women in books like Sheet Music by Kevin Leman:

There are times for whatever reason that a wife may choose to make use of… ‘hand jobs’. A woman…who has just gotten through a pregnancy…may genuinely feel that sex is more than she can handle. But with a minimum of effort, she can help her husband who feels like he’s about ready to climb the walls because it’s been so long.

Kevin Leman, “Sheet Music”

When I read that quote several years ago before getting married, I thought that sounded like a good compromise. A married man cannot be expected to go weeks without sex, right? That opens the door to temptation. Surely a hand job is a conciliatory act to tide him over until his wife can have sex again.

Fast forward to 2018 when my husband and I had our first child…

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