Purity Culture Coaching


Available for women or couples, Purity Culture Recovery Coaching will help you identify the ways purity culture myths affect you and heal from shame. We will explore the teachings you received about sexuality and replace those with healthier, biblical truths. I will help you sort through your beliefs and reconstruct your sexual ethic.

My mission is to help you heal from the myths and shame of purity culture and reconstruct healthier faith, sexuality, and relationships. I hold a traditional sexual ethic affirming a belief in premarital sexual abstinence and sexual faithfulness in marriage for all Christians. I do not impose my ethic or beliefs on my clients, but guide them in reconstructing their beliefs and healing from the effects of purity culture.

How can coaching help?

Some problems or issues that Purity Culture Recovery Coaching can help you with:

  • Sexual shame
  • Sexual problems in marriage related to purity culture
  • Anxiety about sex
  • Negative beliefs about sexuality
  • Low sex drive or repressed sexuality due to purity culture
  • Dating and navigating singleness
  • Teaching kids about sexuality without shame
  • Faith deconstruction and doubts (see also Faith Reconstruction Coaching)

Which coaching is right for you?

Naturally people can have more than one main problem. Purity Culture Recovery often involves Faith Reconstruction and dismantling patriarchal teachings as well (as in Egalitarian Coaching). We can discuss how all of these issues are related for you. To make the most of your coaching sessions, I suggest you select Purity Culture Recovery Coaching if purity culture is your biggest problem.

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