Finding the Path Forward from Toxic Teachings

You know I’m a big fan of The Great Sex Rescue and Sheila Wray Gregoire’s work on sex and marriage. So I was happy to write this article for Sheila’s blog on how to get help after you’ve read her book and identified the toxic teachings from other Christian marriage and sex books.

I detail some common problems I see arising from toxic teachings and your options for getting help, including my Coaching for Purity Culture Recovery.

What came up for you when reading The Great Sex Rescue?

Validation? Anger? Hurt?

Hope and a desire for healing?

Reading The Great Sex Rescue may have brought up many painful emotions for you as you recognized yourself in some of the case studies or identified with several of the toxic teachings. Self-help in the form of reading other healthy, research-based books, listening to podcasts, and online courses can be a great first step to working through your beliefs and sexual issues.

What are some next steps you can take to find a path forward?

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3 thoughts on “Finding the Path Forward from Toxic Teachings

  1. My friend recommended The Great Sex Rescue and it had some life giving words! I did struggle and cringe when reading criticisms about other books because my mother has felt some of those books helped her in her marriage. I didn’t want to just completely dismiss the possibility that she was helped… with what she could be helped with, but I also knew it was a damaging teaching. In the end, it wasn’t a pleasant read (Especially since I am single and the whole book is sex sex sex), but it was perspective shifting.

    1. That makes sense. I think what can be helpful to one person at one time could be harmful to many people or at a different time. I myself liked some of those books at an earlier stage in life/stage in my faith, but now see that even though I didn’t feel harmed by some of them, the teachings themselves can be harmful. And yes, I can see how it might be hard to read if you’re single and abstinent. I recommend Party of One by Joy Beth Smith or Sexless in the City by Kat Harris to single women!

      1. Thank Dr. Camden. I agree, it’s good to hold those things for everyone and to be non judgmental if it helped someone. I loved Party of One! I’ll have to check out Sexless in the City.

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